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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberals are Fantastic

Liberals are Fantastic


James Bredin

She called them idiots and bastards out loud,
Our American friends who stand on guard and are proud,
But sheís a Liberal MP so sheís protected,
And we donít have recall for those who were elected.

And we donít have referendums so we canít change a thing,
Itís a pure pompous Liberal propaganda ring,
They want us to behave and be passive and demure,
And for all those UN problems, they have a cure.

They stacked the court with friends and I ask you, why not?
And you canít ask questions and they canít ever get caught,
Will it be justice or the Liberal agenda?
We may never know without binding referenda.

The arrogant extravagance of this whole lot,
With their appointed governor general at the top,
Spending money like water at Niagara Falls,
From Siberia to New York attending balls.

None of them ever needs permission to travel and spend,
In a Challenger jet with entertainment, my friend,
ĎCause they say itís for culture and are we all cracked?
And the numbers are hidden in the Access Act.

They have a right to this lifestyle or didnít you know?
Or are you ordinary common type down below?
Itís all secret for security reasons you see,
Not to hide this or that from you or from me.

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