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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Kyoto Accord for Pompous Politicians

Kyoto Accord for Pompous Politicians


James Bredin

Recent conference on climate change was called COP10,
Kyoto Accord for pompous politicians back again,
Comes into effect on February 16th 2005,
Thatís only a few months away if weíre all still alive.

The sky might fall, the oceans rise and the Arctic melt,
Greenhouse gasses much stronger than weíve ever felt,
But India and China need not obey these rules,
Just Canada and international socialist schools.

The Americans never signed on to this crazy scheme,
They didnít listen to the environmentalist scream,
Chretien and his Liberals just loved the proposal,
On a par with Torontoís garbage disposal.

And for a while they were heroes down at the UN,
International socialist praised them all once again,
And itís going to be locked down by twenty twelve,
And Iím taking bets that it stays on the shelve.

With the major polluters of the world just looking on,
Canada is going to walk tall, proud, big and strong,
And big employers may just shut down or move away,
But itís for a good cause and what more can I say?

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