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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Kyoto Accord My Friend

Kyoto Accord My Friend


James Bredin

Read this carefully and let’s hope they change their minds,
Before they march us in drum beat into their mines,
Myths, mistruths and misconceptions of Kyoto accord,
That they swear Canada can easily afford.

Cheap talk of sustainable development and power,
That their reverse phrases in Kyoto will devour,
Plus the Kyoto Agreement will cost gazillion,
Added to the debt -- already six hundred billion.

The UN will control all our economy,
So much for our Canadian autonomy,
Ralph Klein could see the handwriting written on the wall,
We’re talking national problems here - not a provincial squall.

When the US withdrew from the Kyoto Accord,
All international socialists stood up and roared,
Got all worked up about greenhouse emissions,
They’ll complain at the G8 about these conditions.

Dangerous deceits with damaging deceptions,
Being led by the nose and propaganda misconceptions,
Lax Liberal largesse with their international friends,
In Africa and China in a Mercedes Benz.

They claim carbon emissions could be our doom,
Environmentalists said so and we have to assume,
And the sky won’t fall and turn us into mobs,
As they close down the factories and there goes our jobs.

Liberals ratified Kyoto and said it was great,
Without referendums, agreements, recall or debate,
They’re all wired up because of this global warming,
Wouldn’t want to wake up dead some morning.

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