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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Honest Liberal Adscam Politicians

Honest Liberal Adscam Politicians


James Bredin

Arrogance of Adscam Liberal politicians,
Demanding in camera hearing and conditions,
They designed Sponsorship Program altogether,
Where paper trail ended at the paper shredder.

They want the Adscam hearing to be done nice and quiet,
Their shenanigans swept under the rug and well buy it,
Only pious pompous Liberal party stuff was allowed,
Billion dollar corporate-welfare bundle endowed.

And maybe these Adscam hearings will be shut down,
When the political opportunity comes around,
Its well known how low the Liberals will resort,
Like the Somalia cover up and Krever report.

Ottawa bureaucracy designed to hide every fact,
Well hidden in sub sections of the Access Act,
Where honesty and accountability are nil,
Political paradise up there near Parliament Hill

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