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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Euthanasia if you Please

Euthanasia if you Please


James Bredin

If we have a right to live; do we have a right to die?
Are we denied freedom of choice here and we donít know why?
Who would know the answer and do they really care?
If we live or die in pain and sorrow or in prayer.

Of course Iíd like to live to at least a hundred plus,
But the odds of doing this are too low to discuss,
So I have to face the fact that eventually Iíll die,
But how will I do it and when and where and why?

If they told me I would be dead in months or days,
Should I wait patiently or plan that final exit phase?
And where would I go to get some assistance?
Despite all that pompous pious legal resistance.

And would they think of me as some sort of nut?
If I preempted that date and maybe took a shortcut?
I realize of course, this is not the accepted way,
To pull a Sue Rodrequs and just go away.

Iím only thinking here so donít go getting excited,
Thereís lots more poetry coming and youíre invited,
To keep on reading this stuff for years and years to come,
Forget whatís up above; Iím not about to succumb.

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