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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Dead Democracy

Dead Democracy


James Bredin

Bait and switch election campaigns of lies and deceit,
Itís what politicians do and how they lie and they cheat,
About taxes and fees and other extortion (rackets),
Words not in their vocabulary I put in brackets.

They want you to just vote for them and then go and cower,
While they then tax and spend because they are in power,
They then travel the world because theyíre not shy,
And nobody has ever had the guts to ask why.

Itís how their media mogul friends keep us in our place,
Endless propaganda that theyíre good, always in our face,
And ethics is a word they just donít like to use,
Or how they hide the numbers if theyíre on a cruise.

Of course you donít know because itís in their No Access Act,
Hidden away from your prying eyes and thatís a fact,
They donít want any interference or interruption,
Pompous political party of adscam corruption.

Where referendums and recall will be forever banned,
And they want it to stay like that forever, like they planned,
And for maybe one afternoon every four or five years,
Democracy raises its head but they have no fears.

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