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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Close Down the Adscam Inquiry

Close Down the Adscam Inquiry


James Bredin

Just how many Liberals should be put in jail?
For their corrupt Sponsorship Program and get no bail,
Missing millions and billions and it was all our money,
Liberals thought it was theirs which was not very funny.

But Liberals have closed down inquiries before,
The Somalia Scandal cover up and more,
Political interference is part of their game,
With the Krever tainted blood report, they did the same.

Liberal trained seals sold their souls and vote as a block,
Insensitive, corrupt, numb like sheep in a flock,
And their Airbus Affair cost us at least a billion,
No matter to them, million, billion or gazillion.

A Liberal lackey is now looking for a reason,
Close Adscam down soon before the Christmas season,
Their corruption and thievery should not be checked,
Just say it was a Quebec unity project.

They may even believe in their divine right of kings,
They are the natural ruling party and other things,
No need to have dialogue with these corrupt fanatics,
Their logic and behavior is extremely erratic.

And nothing will change because before them, we have bowed,
No proportional representation will be allowed,
No referendums or recall or term limits here,
But maybe a same-sex marriage if you’re a queer.

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