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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Change the Canadian System

Change the Canadian System


James Bredin

The system is such that weíre stuck with stupid politicians,
Not allowed to change, get rid of them or make decisions,
Have to wait maybe four or five years to rearrange,
No referendums or recall and we just canít change.

Because we canít interfere with the infrastructure,
Trudeauís Charter canít be altered or the power structure,
Appointees will defend the ethics of those in power,
Or appointee titles and jobs could be gone in an hour.

You are really just a number - a nobody, a nerd,
A body on an escalator or a sheep in the herd,
Helpless, defenseless in their vicious status quo,
Wait for their directions - how to vote and where to go.

The Americans can vote for their president but not us,
We canít vote for our prime minister or even discuss,
And we canít vote for our governor general either,
We canít vote for anyone considered a leader.

We canít ask questions to an appointee or a judge,
About their vested interests that we can never begrudge,
Same-sex stuff, euthanasia, terrorists or refugees,
Missing adscam money in Quebec if you please.

Our politicians are all busy traveling here and there,
Or down at the UN pretending to be millionaires,
International socialist with Kyoto ideology,
But no changes for you or me or an apology.

You donít need a conscience if you behave and obey,
Their edicts from Ottawa and you believe what they say,
And tomorrow again theyíll tell you that theyíre great,
No need for silly questions or have an open debate.

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