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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian United Nations peacekeeping

Canadian United Nations peacekeeping


James Bredin

All Canadian politicians should be told,
We’re a relatively small country so why be bold?
But at the UN why get global aspirations?
Ideas caught up in international complications.

There are areas of the world that appear mentally ill,
Where they seem to have freedom to rape and to kill,
And there’s no rule of law because there are no laws,
Where it’s a deadly offence to point out these flaws.

They feel an obligation that we should be involved,
And all those global problems could easily be solved,
And all those religious fanatics should realize this,
Because they are standing at the edge of an abyss.

But human rights activists have their own religion,
Politically correct and as thick as a pigeon,
Duty bound to get involved and put all things right,
No one ever accused them of being all that bright.

They want the whole world to follow their UN directions,
Democracy in, dictators out and no objections,
Religions and tribal issues will be suppressed,
And everyone will be happy and no one depressed.

And the activists all get front-page attention,
We’re compelled to be amazed at their comprehension,
Their pompous propaganda explains their global views,
We should crusade for them against human rights abuse.

Because we’re not a small insignificant land,
Terrorists should obey our human-rights command,
We have maybe four hundred peacekeepers we could send,
All we need is transportation to go off and defend.

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