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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Supreme Court and You

Canadian Supreme Court and You


James Bredin

The Supreme Court of Canada is an example,
How left-wing socialists get to sample,
The reins of power without ever being elected,
And no one is allowed to ask why they were selected.

And they stay there till they die or turn seventy five,
Tied to Trudeauís Charter while weíre still alive,
And new appointees are right because of their gender,
Stacked court to pass the gay issue - just remember.

Their Liberal agenda is uppermost in mind,
They never make a decision completely blind,
Itís not common law or case law; itís what they dream up,
Seen in the tealeaves of the Charter close-up.

Any law they dislike, they just up and change,
More laws than parliament can make or rearrange,
So whoís running the country and changing all the laws?
And who appointed them without question just because?

And youíre allowed to watch and listen but not say a word,
Read their propaganda because they think youíre a nerd,
Youíre not allowed to realize whatís really going on,
In this game of power, youíre an easygoing pawn.

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