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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Polygamy and Same-sex Stuff

Canadian Polygamy and Same-sex Stuff


James Bredin

Polygamy might be okay but suppose itís not,
Because four or five or six wives is an awful lot,
And if each of those wives have three or four kids,
An ordinary man would soon find himself on the skids.

We can only be observers in these passing events,
Our pompous politicians consider us dissidents,
Itís because this same-sex stuff and polygamy are in,
Regardless of your religion or if itís a mortal sin.

So these polygamous families will be welfare cases,
And weíll support them all and their many embraces,
And these activist minorities -- we better obey,
Majority without referendums have no say.

ĎCause itís written in the Charter or canít you read?
You red-neck right-wing Nazi, you better concede,
You donít have permission to question authority,
Especially if youíre a member of the majority.

I will never understand those who sell their souls,
For their hidden agenda and political goals,
And try to justify it all in some Charter clause,
Get their appointee judges to okay all their laws.

Like most people on this issue I couldnít care less,
Itís lack of democracy that I really detest,
Canadians are just observers -- a mild mannered crowd,
We listen to their speeches and go home if weíre allowed.

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