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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian National Bilingualism My Friend

Canadian National Bilingualism My Friend


James Bredin

National bilingualism pounded in and in,
Every day and every night so only they can win,
Their Ottawa bilingual propaganda says itís great,
If you canít speak French, you only hear half this debate.

Theyíve built a curious culture and you donít belong,
Multicultural bilingual hierarchy strong,
And English unilinguals are afraid to react,
Canadians reluctant to recognize this fact.

Might be called narrow minded, Nazi or red neck,
The pointed finger of a lounge Liberal from Quebec,
So hurry away and hide in a Cornerbrook corner
You outcast unilingual who might be a foreigner.

And Stephen Harperís suggestion about linguistic groups,
Has them running around in circles going oops,
They crave to continue their bilingual status quo,
And we better get it right and learn to kowtow.

And the secessionist types that the Liberals like,
Hold Ottawa to ransom Ďcause they might take a hike,
Send those equalization payments and plenty more,
Or theyíll have another referendum and score.

National unity party politics might be at risk,
So pay the royal ransom and make it brisk,
And donít let some minor corruption and theft interfere,
Canít interrupt a Liberal political career.

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