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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Moral Values

Canadian Moral Values


James Bredin

Carolyn Parrish hates the Americans with a passion,
In her dippy do dad left-wing place, this is the fashion,
Hates George Bush too though he is the American boss,
Does Parrish make policy and could this be our loss?

I myself would like to celebrate George’s reelection,
With the moral-value guys who made the selection,
The Liberals of course see this as oncoming doom,
As we all move over to give the refugees more room.

These international socialists have their own agenda,
Pumped out every day in Liberal propaganda,
Goody-two-shoe righteous types with their own book of rules,
Want us in Africa running around like UN fools.

Because they’re pampered in Ottawa by Liberal friends,
Pay the ransom to Quebec and all those socialist trends,
Call it "equalization" or some other nice name,
As we look on and they drag us down their Liberal drain.

These sad shameless jet-setting spineless Adscam slobs,
Airheads and windbags in lock step appointing other snobs,
To make their own righteous moral value decisions,
About freedom of choice, ethics and marriage revisions.

And we can only be mesmerized by their actions,
Movement of money revealed in adscam transactions,
We’re not allowed referendums, term limits or recall
It’s their status quo they maintain and stuff it to us all.

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