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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Liberals Don#t Lie

Canadian Liberals Don#t Lie


James Bredin

First they tax and take half our money without protest,
Or referendums or recall and they say we’re blessed.
Though they tax and spend like mad, they need no receipts.
It’s only taxpayers’ money so just go back to sleep.

Then they secretly select our high court judges,
And forbid us to ask questions or have grudges,
And get onboard the Liberal agenda now,
Don’t criticize or say a word that could cause a row.

Focus groups, spin doctors and pollsters galore,
Bootlickers, senators and judges that know the score,
Closing down radio stations that don’t agree,
Stalin would understand but we’re not allowed to see.

They feel they have this UN responsibility,
Lofty ideas where there’s lots of hostility,
Didn’t learn in Rwanda so now they want more,
Watch a million getting killed just like before.

They’re into same-sex marriage but what can I say?
New Supreme Court will concur and it’s out of the way,
Propaganda pumped out about their great decisions,
Separatists might wonder about causing divisions.

Did we, somehow or other miss the freedom boat?
To a place where our MPs might have a free vote,
And the Liberals don’t lie and here’s the reason why,
No referendums or recall and they’re here till we die.

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