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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Holy Grail

Canadian Holy Grail


James Bredin

What happens when the people canít perceive these plots?
Where incoming refugees and terrorists call the shots?
What happens to a country when people loose control?
And mind-numbing policies are the only goal?

And strength through diversity they say will never fail?
And the international Charter is the Holy Grail?
Never a populist backlash because people are meek?
And the strings are all pulled by some Ottawa geek?

And we are told to bow down in front of this Charter,
That may protect the occasional terrorist martyr,
But these people of course will eventually vote,
Three years in Canada and Liberals they promote.

And immigration lawyers still fill the Supreme Court,
With welfare refugee claimants of every sort,
And unquestioned appointees sitting on the bench,
Making socialist decisions with a certain stench.

Has this ever happened in history before?
The people were asleep and someone opened the door,
And when the people woke up the country was gone?
And the politicians all swore as they made a big yawn.

And Canadians are told that this is great,
No recall, referendums and no debate,
And proportional representation you canít think,
About democracy as Adscam politicians wink.

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