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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Dilemma

Canadian Dilemma


James Bredin

Common sense shows that national bilingualism is wrong,
In areas of one language where it does not belong,
Where their giant government agencies make rules,
Pumping an unknown language to subservient fools.

And government policy can never never be changed,
Weíre stuck in their status quo that canít be rearranged,
Liberals vote as a block for every policy,
Canít see the national bilingualism fallacy.

But you can if you only understand half of what they say,
And it made no common sense yesterday or today,
And it canít be changed and you donít dare criticize,
Theyíll call you red neck Nazi trying to politicize.

Bilingualism should be where both languages are spoken,
People should tell their politicians and be outspoken,
Otherwise we may as well like soldiers all fall in line,
And theyíll tell us whatís right or whatís wrong every time.

But we have no referendums and we canít decide,
Weíre not allowed to think unless they preside,
Weíre stuck in their status quo and canít change a thing,
Only they and their Supreme Court out on left wing.

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