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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Adscam Administrators

Canadian Adscam Administrators


James Bredin

No election till long after the Adscam fix,
That means till long after 2006,
Because we donít have fix election dates - he decides,
And without term Limits, Liberal Paul provides.

Liberal political pattern of plunder,
Will continue till the country falls asunder,
As their Adscam inquiry will continue for years,
So send much more ransom to the Quebec premier.

But call it some "asymmetrical" type name,
Healthcare, childcare, welfare - it doesnít matter in this game,
Provincial jurisdiction could have a bearing here,
But with friends like the Liberals, thereís nothing to fear.

We reelected these Liberals so we donít care,
They were looting the treasury and we were well aware,
And it was for a good cause whatever that might be,
Itís still hidden in the Access Act so we canít see.

They should be praised again for whatever was done,
So some lined their pockets but it was all for fun,
And the numbers are still hidden in every detail,
Did the ethics guy know or did the crooks prevail?

And the secessionist types that the Liberals like,
Hold Ottawa to ransom and want another hike,
Send those equalization payments and plenty more,
Or theyíll have a referendum and maybe this time, score.

The Allaire Report may indeed come back in vogue,
Though if the Liberals know you read it, youíre a rogue,
And the Belgian federation may have it right,
Our separatist problem canít be bought out of sight.

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