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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Alberta



James Bredin

Support for the firewall seems to have eroded,
And separatist Albertans are now being goaded,
And in the Liberal media they all rejoice,
Because alienated westerners donít have a choice.

They canít opt out of the Canada pension plan,
Only Quebec could do that since it all began,
And Canada pension plan may be close to broke,
But Quebec pension plan is doing fine for those folk.

You canít read about this in the Liberal press,
Because itís not there - stuff they donít like -- they suppress,
Who said they wanted equalization payments too?
With no provincial debt, donít they have a clue?

And a triple E Senate will never be allowed,
Not for that far out isolated western crowd,
They should get in line and stick to the status quo,
ĎCause Ottawa wants their taxes and all that oil dough.

They need it to send it to the United Nations,
Albertans wouldnít understand these complications,
And thereís nothing they can say so they have to shut up,
ĎCause referendums or recall might cause a breakup.

The Wheat Board and Ottawa gun registry stays,
And fall in behind Ralph Klein and donít have delays,
No provincial police Ďcause theyíve got the RCMP,
No questions, no answers and they canít disagree.

ĎCause far-away Ottawa is a Liberal den,
Been that way since Mulroneyís GST men,
Alberta canít collect taxes and thatís just too bad,
Ottawa will do that so thereís no need to be mad.

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