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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Adscam Stopped Dead in its Tracks

Adscam Stopped Dead in its Tracks


James Bredin

Why did I know this so very long ago?
About inquiries, corruption and missing dough,
They close down inquiries for any excuse,
Call it a stall, a pause, a delay but not an abuse.

They call the cancellation a judicial review,
Where their appointee may take another point of view,
May view the evidence as completely inadmissible
Where closing down the inquiry is permissible.

Media buys it and appointed judges condone,
While corrupt politicians spend time on the phone,
But nothing much changes in their corrupt ways,
It’s their status quo system for the rest of our days.

You thought things would change with a different prime minister,
But they’re the same corrupt crowd - crooked and sinister,
The inquiry hardly started and now it’s shut down,
We’re not sure what’s happening in the name of the crown.

They claim it’s a legal mess and it doesn’t matter now,
So long as the whole thing is stalled and stopped somehow,
They say it may resume again but no one knows when,
Next month, next year and maybe we’ll have forgotten by then.

And then it gets worse because we don’t know that we’re trapped,
They do what they want while the inquiry is scrapped,
Without referendums or recall we have no recourse,
No option but to follow as they show no remorse.

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