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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Adscam Inquiry for the People

Adscam Inquiry for the People


James Bredin

Bureaucrats like acrobats can move through the air,
Billions of dollars disappeared and we may never know where,
Friends of politicians say they know and others say they donít,
Lawyers say it should be closed down and other say it wonít.

They were worried about a Quebec referendum,
Concocted an adscam plan in a huge memorandum,
Deviation from status quo forbidden however.
Canadians are banned referendums forever,

And if the adscam inquiry canít be shut down,
By their lawyers, the Supreme Court or even the crown,
Someone will have to come up with a different plan,
Propaganda of lies about the leading man.

How could the ethics and integrity be in question?
Is this inquiry giving the wrong impression?
The business of government is above these mere low lives,
No one should question how bureaucracy thrives.

Theyíll do anything to distract your attention,
Same-sex marriage or a polygamy convention,
Even if this takes years, we cannot get bored,
Or theyíll close it down and then they have scored.

They might even decide to change the constitution,
Attract your attention and add to the confusion,
Just another Meeche Lake or Charlottetown too,
Say it has to be done and itís long overdue.

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