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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - A premiers conference

A premiers conference


James Bredin

The premiers have a meeting almost every year,
And because they’re politicians, they shout and they cheer,
They lie to each other and the people once more,
Demand more federal money and open the door.

No one can remember a thing that they changed,
Nothing has been altered or even rearranged,
And you say to yourself, why do they persist?
They’re a symptom of the problems that no one can fix.

Without referendums or recall they stay for years,
No proportional representation and no fears,
You can’t ask questions to a Supreme Court judge,
Or vote out a premier though he lies in the sludge.

And finally they agree that maybe pharmacare,
But once again the feds said they didn’t dare,
Dalton reminded Martin of his broken pledges,
Martin reminded Dalton of his hundred hedges.

It was Canadian politics right to the root,
They decided to say nothing about missing loot,
But they told the people that they did have a plan,
Everything was delayed and they backed it to a man.

Solidarity they said as they packed up and went home,
A premiers’ conference right to the bone,
If you read about Dalton your brain will go numb,
Say over and over again, "how could we be so dumb?"

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