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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - You Can#t vote for a Prime Minister

You Can#t vote for a Prime Minister


James Bredin

Can’t vote for a senator or a prime minister,
Not allowed to think that this might be sinister,
No referendums, recall or impeachment too,
And no set-date elections in case you got a clue.

The Ottawa Liberals want it that way,
To maintain the status quo so they get to stay,
And appoint their friends to all the high places,
So they’ll sit and judge those important cases.

Send billions overseas to all their special causes,
Like goody-two-shoe special Santa Clauses,
So at the UN they’re all considered great,
International socialists so no need to debate.

Canadians nod their heads and do what they’re told,
Without referendums they watch events unfold,
Proportional representation is not allowed,
And you’re not allowed to even think these thoughts aloud.

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