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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Voting is meaningless in Canada

Voting is meaningless in Canada


James Bredin

Why vote if any and all the candidates lie?
Especially Liberals who donít want to say good bye,
Itís a meaningless act - theyíre committed to parties,
Itís not you they represent - itís their party, smarty.

Your candidate is not allowed to represent you,
Itís just a charade and you can shout till youíre blue,
Itís party policy or what the UN thinks,
Youíre a nobody without a political link.

Your candidate acts like a member of a platoon,
So why bother to vote on the twenty eight of June?
He doesnít represent you - he represents them,
There are no free votes and you canít even condemn.

Youíre not allowed to change the system or the Charter,
Your candidate is not a political martyr,
We have no referendums or recall or impeachment,
We got bilingualism without an agreement.

We got appointed judges with hidden agenda,
Weíre told everything is right in their propaganda,
And appointed senators with no job description,
Hope you have the money to pay for your prescription.

Some worry we might become the fifty first state,
As though this might happen without any debate,
Proportional representation is not allowed,
Prohibit yourself from this election and feel proud.

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