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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - UN



James Bredin

The Human Rights agenda of the UN is bent,
They showed it at Durban where they tried to circumvent,
And three days later Ben Laden did his stuff,
But at the UN they still claims to have it rough.

They shout "human rights," to cover their own faults,
Bloodbaths, discrimination, death and assaults,
Culture clash, religious riots are common conflict,
All these reasons we should be involved, they predict.

International tyrants trying and claiming UN rights,
Potentate, dictator, despot pushing their delights,
Want money and men if Africa to solve their mess,
Broadcast and pushed daily in our left-wing press.

Pictures of hungry people but not dead UN troops,
As in Somalia where everyone went "Oops."
And to make it worse, they have AIDS by the millions,
Could this biblical plague get worse for these poor civilians?

Add thirty wars in thirty years to this pandemic,
Add diamonds, oil and Swiss accounts and itís systemic,
Add to that, socialists at the United Nations,
Sliding their agenda with many complications.

Add their International Criminal Court to that,
Unquestioned appointed judges who sometimes laugh,
At their grandiose scheme of justice in The Hague,
Byzantine trials that stretch forever and are vague.

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