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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto on a slide

Toronto on a slide


James Bredin

That small bridge to the island that they all refused,
They’ll now pay twice in legal fees in case you’re confused,
And truck our garbage a thousand miles to the States,
And avoid this subject if or when they debate.

They’re concerned because of the increase in crime,
And the disadvantaged are doing far too much time,
The courts and the cops should be more lenient with them,
Those voters who need assistance - not cops who are grim.

They need more money for community hip hops,
And there’s no need for anyone to even help the cops,
It’s just a social culture thing - not really a crime,
And an appointed task force will fix it every time.

As the city slides slowly in their socialist rule,
And bullets increase and the death toll is cruel.
So what if one or two gets killed every week!
The rest know how to vote and they’re so nice and meek.

If somewhere along the way, the gangs take control,
They’ll send a social worker to advise and console,
Or form a committee of like-minded folk,
To sit around and discuss and maybe take a toke.

It’s the cops that are at fault as you may well know,
There are too many of them and some will have to go,
Those ghettos have people, who are friendly and good,
And those shooters are not bad - just misunderstood,

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