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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto Politicians

Toronto Politicians


James Bredin

Half the people in Toronto work day and night,
The other half stuck in traffic feeling somewhat tight,
Homeless on cell phones checking in with their lawyers,
Prefer welfare than working for some employer.

Do you remember back when Toronto was good?
When municipal employees did what they could?
When garbage pick up was twice a week every week,
Before amalgamation or political intrigue.

And now that the garbage might be picked up once a month,
And they count the bags and cans you put out front,
A big long bylaw of what if anything theyíll take,
They look and they look in case they make a mistake.

And they send that garbage all the way to the States,
Wondering if the Americans might close the gates,
They send three hundred tractor trailer loads a day,
Not in the least concerned about this display.

Canít dump stuff in the Adams Mine in Kirkland Lake,
Itís not allowed and forbidden to debate,
ĎCause it might be against some environmental rule,
And the world might end and that would be so cruel.

Do you remember prior to two murders a week?
Before the Charter and cell phones and the cheek,
Cops canít have a helicopter because of the price,
Politicians have social programs which are nice.

The screaming scandals of political slime,
Combined with the usual weekend shooting crimes,
Politicians announce another illusion,
That they have found the answer and the solution.

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