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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto Ghettos and the Cops

Toronto Ghettos and the Cops


James Bredin

Politicians in panic attend every meeting,
Announce various solutions they are seeking,
But the gap between the ghettos and the cops is large,
Witnesses donít come forward for any murder charge.

The gangs have taken over where the cops used to be,
And the ghettos were designed so outsiders canít see,
And the gangs can blatantly move all around,
And blend into the night without making a sound.

And no one can say a word or point a finger,
Youíre not politically correct and canít linger,
Politicians write reports to show that they care,
Get attention to themselves in this racial nightmare.

Blame someone somewhere, anyone, just blame the cops,
Driving around in cars while these shootings wonít stop,
Theyíve designed a task force for community patrols,
Past the graffiti trying to take back control.

I say mini police stations are the way to dare,
A kiosk or a box with someone right there,
In the middle of the ghetto for everyone to see,
With video all round is the way it should be.

And the courts should back them up and send gang guys to jail,
No early release and definitely no bail,
Community communications is what itís all about,
These mini police stations maybe lift the doubt.

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