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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto Can#t Face the Problem

Toronto Can#t Face the Problem


James Bredin

They write big worded analysis about events,
Tip toe around these problems and the gang gents,
These fathers who had no fathers but have guns,
Single-mother girlfriends with daughters and sons.

Portrayal of pimps with dreads stuffed in a toque,
Speak in slang and seldom if ever read a book,
Deal in drugs and couldn’t care less who knows,
Some of their best paying customers are hose.

Of course you don’t know ‘cause you’ve lived a sheltered life,
Don’t visit the project - could get stuck with a knife,
Not politically correct to point out the truth,
They’ll point the big finger and call you uncouth.

This distressed situation multicultural stunt,
Designed by social engineers to put it blunt,
They blame the schools, society, the courts and the cops,
Can’t blame themselves ‘cause their welfare system is tops.

Gang guys too are always ready to complain,
About some injury or insult that they can feign,
And the complaint crowd diligently write it down,
Pass this complaint information onto the crown.

Politicians visit cautiously when coast is clear,
Say something anything to advance their career,
At a civic meeting with no gang guys around,
They’re busy elsewhere -- wouldn’t want to confound.

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