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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto-The-Good



James Bredin

I remember Toronto when Toronto-The-Good, was good,
No Sunday shops, no music hops - now misunderstood,
Where lodges and the legions marched each Victoria Day,
And liquor was never allowed to go on display.

And people sometimes caught a glimpse of the lake,
Down by Bathurst and Tip Top Tailors on their break,
‘Twas during that time that the Leafs won the Stanley Cup,
Gas was forty cents a gallon though few could fill up.

When people thought politicians were just honest squares,
Because none of them behaved like rich millionaires,
The Leslie Street Spit was in the lake where some sailed,
And the cops were big and the drunks and homeless were jailed.

The word "minority" had not even been invented,
And people seemed overall much more contented,
Though they were poorer and immigrants seemed to find jobs
We had an air of contentment among us common slobs.

But something happened somewhere along the way,
Politically correct activists caused disarray,
Where minorities now tend to manage the masses,
And justice has been known to wear dark colored glasses.

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