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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - This Scandal will Subside

This Scandal will Subside


James Bredin

Liberals are hoping this scandal will subside,
Call an election with new issues to override,
They can get back to normal giving money away,
Appoint judges and senators in the Ottawa way.

No obstruction should be allowed to interfere,
With their voter-given right to forever persevere,
And fork out that money to friends in Quebec,
Secretly like Shawinigan but what the heck!

We’ll have an election when they decide - not by date,
No referendums, no recall and no debate,
No impeachment allowed for crooked mandarins,
-- Dollars going out and refugees coming in.

You might wonder how these idiots got elected,
No proportional representation selected,
No voting by rank will ever be allowed,
‘Cause they rule the roost and Canadians are cowed.

An election in May will do them quite nice,
After a long hard winter it should be a slice,
By then this scandal should completely disappear,
They’ll have a bigger majority without fear.

They’ll pompously promise something in health care,
An MRI or even an x-ray if they dare,
And Chretien and Alfonso were the best of friends,
But they’re different now because of scandal and trends.

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