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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Secrets of the 2004 Liberal Budget

The Secrets of the 2004 Liberal Budget


James Bredin

Do our politicians have an out-of-jail card?
To manipulate the system and then disregard,
To funnel money to help their friendsí cases,
Or appoint them to those high-paying places.

Without recall or referendums to interfere,
We watch as they continue year after year,
Appointing judges and senators we donít know,
As Adrienne and John spend millions of our dough.

And we canít change the system because itís forbidden,
Weíre stuck in the status quo though itís half hidden,
Remote and reserved as weíre directed what to think,
They continue their charade as they wink, wink.

Their secret reserve slush funds seldom come to light,
Disguised for national unity for our delight,
Hidden in multicultural mundane stuff,
Do politicians or criminals ever have enough?

Though they canít take the Fifth, they can still deny,
The allegations against them that they say are a lie,
As they dodge, duck and deny every detail,
And none of them has ever even gone to jail.

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