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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Report of the Auditor General

The Report of the Auditor General


James Bredin

Does the Auditor’s Report seem a little strange?
Majority Liberals promise they’ll rearrange,
Accountability has never been their strong suit,
More interested in special funding and loot.

Bought Challenger jets and wrote the checks,
Laundered money sent secretly to Quebec,
Dishonest unaccountable and out of control,
Shred the paper to hide everything they stole.

Feined interest in dodgy democracy for a fact,
As they hid shenanigans in the Access Act,
Where no one could go without special permission.
Secrets hidden from Conservative opposition.

But they’re great guys down at the United Nations,
Where they cover their tracks with no implications,
Our soldiers getting killed over in Afghanistan,
Pushed by Liberal propaganda since it began.

No referendums, no recall ever allowed,
No impeachment of a PM is ever espoused,
But they did it before under the table and ran,
‘Cause the Shawinigan stuff never hit the fan.

But it gave them a license - permission to steal,
Give out millions to friends and no one will squeal,
Travel the world for free in our Challenger jets,
‘Cause money don’t count and Canadians forget.

Inquiry will cover everything - oh my gosh!
Which Liberal could they appoint for this whitewash?
Timid terms with no subpoenas of the crown,
Like APEC inquiry -- invitation turned down.

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