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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Annual Scandal

The Annual Scandal


James Bredin

The Ottawa scandal is an annual event,
‘Cause nothing will ever change and they never relent,
They have one or two scandals almost every year,
Missing money mostly though no one sheds a tear.

Canadians have been trained to accept this as normal,
No need to get excited, dressed up or go formal,
Send money to Quebec in case they might get mad,
Or have another referendum which could be so sad.

And who runs Canada is questionable indeed,
‘Cause politicians from Quebec are a different breed,
They want to milk the treasury of every last cent,
Equalization or ransom -- they never relent.

Our highly intelligent public can be bent,
By leadership with propaganda for every event,
Hitler and Stalin and Moe did it all very nice,
Built the party and then turned the public to mice.

Can’t change their Charter ‘cause it’s written in stone,
Refugees instead of property rights; we stand alone.
Why not elections every four years and by date
Must we wait while they manipulate money and the state?

Is this the crack in the Ottawa fancy façade?
Parliamentarians pushing their pompous parade,
Billions pushed while the ransom is secretly paid,
No whistle blowers please because they’re all afraid.

Shackled to a system that should be forever changed,
Locked to lousy leadership that won’t be rearranged,
No recall while we can’t vote for a prime minister,
And no one proposes changes which is quite sinister.

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