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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Adscam Scandal went away

The Adscam Scandal went away


James Bredin

The Clarity Act, they say, will surely save us all,
Incoming refugees all invited to the ball,
Appointees to the courts and the Senate are nice,
No questions, no answers - just a throw of the dice.

Binding referendums will never be allowed,
Bilingualism is great and nationally espoused,
No recall or proportional representation,
Corrupt politicians can stay at their station.

No property rights written in the Charter,
For you or an incoming terrorist martyr,
And those in parliament will vote the party line,
You are not represented during this time.

And you don’t need to vote if you just don’t care,
Don’t pay too much attention and never be aware,
Just pay your high taxes - right up to your eyes,
While they sent it overseas in case someone dies.

As international socialists they’ll do what they can,
They’ll just sit out the scandals if the s*it hits the fan,
And they just announced their brand new ten-year plan,
They’ll spend some time in the tropics getting a tan.

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