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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Adscam Conspiracy and More

The Adscam Conspiracy and More


James Bredin

The paper and the money trail disappeared,
Like Shawinigan shenanigans as we feared,
Buried like the billions of dollars bandied about,
Their screams of innocence just increased the doubt.

Found files with nothing in them as per the norm,
So the spoken word was used to avoid this shit storm,
They did it all like Hitler - by word of mouth,
They lied and lied and their underlings had no doubt.

Evidence of conspiracies was easy to hide,
There never is much evidence in an empty file.
A secrecy obsession would make Mafia proud,
Carefully by Chretien while we were all cowed.

And Paul now says it’s changed ‘cause he’s just so good,
Though for ten years behind closed doors he understood,
As finance minister he knew where the money went,
Nearly all of it to his own province - heaven sent.

The Liberals like to parachute their friends,
To senior civil service positions - their trends,
High profile political people to high places,
Liberals of course can’t be blamed for these disgraces.

Their programs of nepotism are here to stay,
Like Liberals themselves; here forever and wont go ‘way,
Stuck in the status quo that nothing will change,
No referendums or recall that might rearrange.

Now they want to shut down this Adscam debate,
By denying, lying and pretending they’re irate,
Veto questions by constant points of order,
Think we have attention deficit disorder.

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