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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Remember the Liberal Red Book

Remember the Liberal Red Book


James Bredin

You’ve heard of the Liberal Red Book I’m sure,
They wrote it a while back to ensure they’d endure,
They said they’d scrap Mulroney’s GST for a start,
And once in Ottawa they would never depart.

They screamed out loud that they would balance the books,
But the Auditor General says they’re Adscam crooks,
But they’re such good guys at the United Nations,
Sending $billions and soldiers to strange foreign stations.

And free votes in parliament are never allowed,
Constituents never represented aloud,
And those special-interest types with their special causes,
Order in council during parliamentary pauses.

They of course imposed bilingualism on us,
Our culture they said and it was ever thus,
Then they said multiculturalism was great,
Politically correct, they can’t discuss in debate.

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