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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Refugees with various diseases

Refugees with various diseases


James Bredin

Theyíre out there now looking for refugees with the plague,
To bring them to Canada because weíre so vague,
Those with AIDS, TB, SARS, malaria or the flu,
Because their agenda is much more important than you.

And they can stand at the UN and feel so proud,
And receive praise from many foreign friends out loud,
Call themselves humanitarian, so good and glad,
And if you should catch sickness and die - thatís too bad.

You have no influence on events coming down,
They still import these diseases from all around,
Donít dare say a word - not politically correct,
They pick the people and the diseases - you donít select.

Democracy was decided at the last election,
From then till they decide again - no selection,
No referendums, recall for corrupt politicians,
Refugee health problems are part of these conditions.

But youíre so righteous you think this canít happen to you,
And this type of knowledge is untrue or taboo,
Youíll wait to be led like sheep in a flock,
Donít say anything to no one or the boat might rock.

Thatís what they said in Germany and Russia too,
History can repeat itself - just say itís the flu,
Refugee terrorists with AIDS - itís absurd,
Donít read the writing on the wall, donít say a word.

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