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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Real Refugees

Real Refugees


James Bredin

Refugees with four wives or with AIDS are preferred,
In pajamas with attitude and not even concerned,
As they claim our international Charter rights,
And the left-wing media publish all their sound bites.

The Minister of Immigration claims she’s concerned,
But has done nothing about it as far as we’ve learned,
You ought to believe that the government is right,
As the cell phones ring and their relatives they invite.

The protection of Canadians is of no concern,
Without referendums or recall, they only yearn,
Told to accept all this valued diversity,
And should have been educated at a better university.

It’s human rights is the issue or have you no pity?
AIDS and HIV types allowed in by committee,
Maybe just maybe they wont spread the disease around,
‘Cause at the UN we’re famous and renowned.

And the churches that allow these people to stay,
In the basement, in the lobby but never far away,
May be doing a great job but something’s not right,
Just keep would be terrorists well out of sight.

And when the churches are all full of refugees,
Claiming that they can’t be sent back overseas,
Barely room for the minister and the people to pray,
What will the Liberal Immigration Minister say?

With ten million refugees waiting in line,
And more arriving at the airport all the time,
Can’t talk unless it’s politically correct,
They’ll vote in three years and the Liberals they’ll elect.

You could be branded a racist for having that thought,
And the Adscam Liberals would be all distraught,
‘Cause Liberal politicians know how to duck
Can’t change the Canadian status quo - no such luck.

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