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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Prime Minister Martin and Bono

Prime Minister Martin and Bono


James Bredin

Prime minister Martin sends our money overseas,
Nothing you can do even if you could say please,
The poor people over there want what they are due,
His picture in the paper with Bono of U2.

He could empty the treasury till nothing is left,
You have no say so it can never be called theft,
No referendums, no recall, no nothing at all,
No set-date elections when he wants to make the call.

You remember the Adscam and the HRDC corruption,
No one was too concerned or caused a disruption,
Billions of dollars just up and disappeared,
Left us in the poor house as they lied and they leered.

We’re helpless you see and there’s no way we can change,
Can’t control politicians which should seem quite strange,
Nor their socialist schedule for those far away,
While we are taxed to the ears as we pay and pay.

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