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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Pompous Pedophile Priests

Pompous Pedophile Priests


James Bredin

They have numbers now for this abusive priestly craze,
Numbers from the National Review Board surveys,
Only four percent of priests were pedophiles they say,
Attracted to the job perhaps because they were gay.

That’s ten thousand six hundred and sixty seven,
Saying mass and preaching on how to get into heaven,
Dozens of deviate priests out there on the prowl,
On the alter giving a sermon, shaking a jowl.

Their family and friends think they’re up beside god,
No interest in women and no one thinks this is odd,
And their mothers are proud being the mother of a priest,
-- Not a sneaky homosexual pedophile beast.

Seminaries attract closet deviates by the score,
And hide them and their que%r problems for ever more,
With opportunities galore, these fairies can tell,
When it’s time for them to come out of their shells.

The church knows the problems but is reluctant to change,
Stuck in the status quo and afraid to rearrange,
They’ve been onto a good thing for two thousand years,
They’ll protect each other and all of their queer peers.

And the bishop has declared that everything is okay,
And no more questions please and do penance and pray,
And have faith in the future because priests are all good,
That small percentage -- just a little misunderstood.

Bring back capital punishment for pedophile priests,
Or jail them for life so at least we’ll have peace,
Let the bishop know that we’re the ones in control,
We’re not going to hell in their smoke and charcoal.

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