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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Ottawa and Quebec 2004

Ottawa and Quebec 2004


James Bredin

Those separatists in Quebec will do it once more,
Another referendum like they did before,
Spurn Ottawa and the federal bureaucrats,
Lounging around like Liberal aristocrats.

They want Quebec independence as well they might,
And Ottawa can’t change or even see the light,
Seriously stuck in the status quo they know,
Think they can manage with enough Adscam dough.

Separatists did it in eighty and ninety five,
And they’ll do it again to show they survive,
Ottawa thinks their Clarity Act solves secession,
And we follow along in their blind procession.

They would rather appease the separatists than fix,
The country from top to bottom even in the sticks,
So they’ll stall till their referendum just to see,
But we need referendums too -- the way it should be.

Ottawa stuck in status quo with no solution,
Could be an execution or evolution?
Liberals just don’t want to have this debate,
No referendums, no recall - just delay and wait.

Bilingual bureaucrats by proverbial gallows,
Watching the separatists from the shadows,
No triple E Senate or judges asked questions,
And you know what you can do with your suggestions.

Block Quebecois could be a catalyst for change,
In a moribund nation afraid of what’s strange,
And why no property rights written in the Charter?
That Quebec refused to sign, so it’s a nonstarter.

Proportional representation or ranking vote,
Instead of judicial dictatorship by remote,
From appointees all dressed up in bishops’ clothes,
No questions allowed and no one to oppose.

During an election they avoid this debate,
Canadians kept in the dark and so sedate,
Osama at the gate waiting to get in,
Do I hear the far-off sound of a violin?

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