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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Ottawa Ethics and Intigrity

Ottawa Ethics and Intigrity


James Bredin

Ethics and integrity have long gone out the door,
No referendums or recall so people canít score,
Weasel words defending slush fund status quo,
Same sorry slush funds for friends all siphoned to go.

Was this an attempt to buy quiet in Quebec?
The separatist ransom so they signed the check?
Then they blamed insiders when Ms Fraser found out,
Those unnamed nobodies that know what itís about.

Everythingís okay now Ďcause Alfonso was fired,
And Prime Minister Chretien has also retired,
In a few days it will be all over and gone,
No one will remember that anything was wrong.

And the RCMP are going to pursue the case,
Same RCMP that cleared that Shawinigan disgrace,
And that missing billion at HRDC last year,
Did 22 criminal charges completely disappear?

This Adscam conspiracy has now been banned,
So no more politicians in Ottawa can be canned,
A tempest in a teapot - no more pointing a finger,
And that stench of corruption -- not allowed to linger.

The paper shredders have done an excellent job,
No need for anything such as a lynch mob,
When the paper trail ended there was no more,
So we now bow towards Ottawa and just ignore.

The head of the inquiry will be from Quebec,
And the prime minister is from_ let me check,
All appointments are made by the PM of course,
All senators and judges and the head of the force.

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