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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Ontario



James Bredin

Search and seek out Mike Harris and bring him back,
Quickly in order to put the province back on track,
Dear Dalton wants to tax and spend us into the grave,
Till we all work for nothing like your average slave.

Daltonís gang behave as dumb as a bag of hammers,
And spread their propaganda like serial spammers,
Are we in Ontario getting what we deserve?
Four hundred broken promises is hard to observe.

He wants to feel important but nobody cares,
At the premiers conference he got lots of glares,
His Liberal Ottawa friends say heís off his rocker,
Even for sour socialist, he seems quite a shocker.

And we have no come back, referendums or recall,
We have to kowtow, bear it and learn to crawl,
Daltonís crowd has yet to make a right decision,
Weíre headed for bankruptcy with pompous precision.

Dalton dear, have you thought about another job?
Flipping burgers at McDonalds, youíre such a knob,
I take that back; that job needs intelligence and brains,
Which you donít have though youíve got us all in chains.

They say youíre going to close down those coal burning plants,
In keeping with Kyoto and other nuclear rants,
And the people of Ontario will pay through the nose,
Till we glow in the dark with a tag on our toes.

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