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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - No Refugee Deportees

No Refugee Deportees


James Bredin

Itís been rumored that a refugee was once deported,
Itís obviously a lie Ďthat someone reported,
They have sixty avenues to fight deportation,
Refugees, lawyers, officials in exploitation,

Terrorists have finally found their own holy grail,
Trudeauís Charter was written for them without fail,
Though Canadians can see this; they canít change,
Caught in the high beams that they canít rearrange.

Therefore refugees are way above the law,
ĎCause in Trudeauís Charter there canít be a flaw,
And when they canít be deported, they all get to stay,
With health care and welfare so why move away?

And the numbers coming in increase every week,
As the pompous and the righteous proclaim theyíre so weak,
Refugee advocates, lawyers and media league,
National security look on at this intrigue.

Rules, regulations and procedures up to the sky,
Incoming refugees never need to say good bye,
Of the three hundred thousand, half a dozen failed,
As a last resort claimed sanctuary and got bailed.

Some appeal all the way to the Supreme Court,
Where Liberal appointees always cavort,
While Canada quietly goes down the drain,
Or fills up with oddballs who have only distain.

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