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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - New Canadian Conservative Party

New Canadian Conservative Party


James Bredin

Stopped reading new policies because I almost went to sleep,
Are we turning into Liberals following along like sheep?
If this is an example of the changes and where we’re all going?
I hate to think of it but I feel the party has stopped growing.

The old boldness has been smothered and botched by blandness for sure,
And if we continue down this track, we will end up in the sewer,
‘Cause bland and Belinda may be beautiful but I hate to say,
We will give the country to the Paul Martin Liberals on a tray.

Combine that with Belinda’s policies and it just won’t cut,
We need someone to stop the country from going down in a rut,
May as well call Red Tory Joe Clark and Mulroney to lead,
With their tax, spend and travel policies and their old GST.

How could this all happen to the old Reform Alliance?
Where policies were bold and strong and no Liberal compliance,
Where it was good to belong because we knew where we stood,
Not wiggling with weary weasel words that no one understood.

Think referendums, recall or those elected Senate votes,
Or proportional representation - not shoved down our throats,
When everyone understood where we were with directness,
And we now all bow to the god of political correctness.

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