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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - More Canadian Socialist Liberals

More Canadian Socialist Liberals


James Bredin

The Liberals could lie about the color of the sky,
Still some people would believe them and never ask why,
It’s because we’ve been trained to believe no matter what,
This continuous pompous propaganda plot.

By their media moguls they bought long ago,
Preach this or that or pretend they don’t know,
That sacred Charter which Quebec didn’t sign,
It doesn’t matter because they say everything is fine.

Those Liberal political policies linger,
As they point out from Ottawa -- bilingual finger,
Multiculturalism code word for bought votes,
Those crowds that just got off the planes or the boats.

How long will their death grip on power last?
Now that they’re a minority, can they still harass?
Canadians don’t want to be ruled from the UN,
Or their other appointees or handymen.

Will their taxing and spending and corruption be judged?
By those who can only look on and feel begrudged,
Liberals are scared so they hate Stephen Harper,
They’re socialist knives are getting much sharper.

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