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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Culture


James Bredin

Americans donít have a Ministry of Cultures,
And they get along quite well without these vultures,
They donít need bureaucrats to tell them what to see,
Vigilant commissars to ensure whatís on TV.

Canadians get directions to tell them what to think,
To guide them in their culture to a CBC link,
Bilingual multicultural wall to wall,
What they decide is culture to keep us on the ball.

Of course culture can quickly become propaganda,
Special interest types with their secret agenda,
And because we canít see the handwriting on the wall,
Weíre never allowed to change anything at all.

Culture bureaucrats benefit in bureaucracy,
Dependent on handouts from their aristocracy,
They will direct you to what culture is and is not,
Never mention subsidies the artsy types got.

Can they be trusted to make the right decisions?
As they guide us in culture under their conditions,
Deny Canadian culture is from the USA,
The music, the songs, the movies all the way.

So why not close down these bureaucratic clowns?
Pompous pile of pork that should not be around?
Why should taxpayers subsidize their cushy jobs?
Just to have a Ministry of Culture and slobs.

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