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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Message to the Mayor of Toronto

Message to the Mayor of Toronto


James Bredin

If thereís one thing politicians can do is ignore,
Paying twice for no bridge shows incompetence galore,
And four and five fellows found shot every week,
Then cutting the cops budget just to make them meek.

At your next civic meeting have a look around,
Youíll notice that the gang guys donít make a sound,
In fact theyíre not there Ďcause theyíre busy elsewhere,
Robbing, shooting, dealing drugs and they just donít care.

You may have heard all this but it seems itís in vain,
ĎBout those ghetto projects at Malvern and Finch-Jane,
Your damage control game plan is doomed to go down,
Itís been done before in another place and town.

Your crowd seems to have an anti police bias,
Homeless pals and socialists are so pompous and pious,
You canít stop the shootings Mayor and I think itís sad,
Are they politically correct or am I mad?

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