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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Manipulations

Liberal Manipulations


James Bredin

Proof, proof - weíre looking for proof about politicians,
About $billions disappeared in peculiar conditions,
Informed speculation will not reveal their crimes,
As they distract public attention -- how many times?

Liberal secrets, like the occult are never revealed,
And where the money ended up is always concealed,
And inquiries delayed forever or postponed,
As the missing billion dollars is quietly condoned.

Still they tax, spend and travel with obsessions,
And crown corporations are always their concessions,
And due process means continuous postponements
Donít inquire about inquiries or atonements.

Machiavellian manipulative decision,
Maneuver sideways with absolute precision,
Say itís to beat the separatists at their own game,
Justify missing billions and never take the blame.

The awarding of contracts was their main concern,
Moving money here and there, difficult to discern,
When the auditor pointed out the missing money,
They denied it and laughed and thought it was funny.

Canadians reelected them despite the fuss,
Obediently compliant and trained not to discuss,
These investigations will slowly disappear,
Like Shawinigan or HRDC never to reappear.

And referendums or recall are never allowed,
Controversial questions disappear in a cloud,
You can never vote for your own prime minister,
In their way of thinking, that could be sinister.

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