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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Just Another Scandal

Just Another Scandal


James Bredin

The cronyism and the contracts go hand in hand,
Competing bids are never accepted or planned,
The key to Ottawa is not how but who you know,
To get the contracts, the positions or the dough.

Those who point the finger are obviously sick,
Or living in the woods or as thick as a brick,
Or jealous of the system and the status quo,
No Liberal connections and will not kowtow.

Secret sponsorship funds are special you see,
Oxymoron Liberal ethics by decree,
Announce a conference but donít let people in,
ĎCause those who know nothing donít know where to begin.

Because numbers mean nothing to those who have power,
Donít stand in their way or theyíre apt to devour,
Youíll have to overlook conspiracies and crime,
And accept that itís done in Ottawa all the time.

That secret stash of cash is no secret any more,
Their covert slush fund and you never knew the score,
The money disappeared like the HRDC billion,
And 22 criminal charges on various civilians.

Theyíve changed they say and theyíll make it transparent,
The drum beat of coming changes is so apparent,
You have a pick of whatever scandal you wish,
Itís all on TV and you donít even need a dish.

Thereís that HRDC missing billion last year,
With those 22 criminal charges that disappeared,
Thereís the sponsorship scandal with billions to Quebec,
And that billion dollar slush fund but what the heck.

But by the weekend it will all be old news,
Replaced by another scandal so you can choose,
Should we expect honest politicians or what?
Or should they be in jail for their conspiracy plot?

Without referendums or recall weíre stuck,
In the dictatorship of some majority schmuck,
Every five years, maybe, thatís all weíre allowed,
Canít even elect a senator in this proud crowd.

Why should a politician get severance pay?
After taxing and spending by night and by day,
Then rob the treasury one or two more times,
Add to their conspiracies not to mention their crimes.

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